Caring for those who care for others

At TK H2O IV Hydration and Wellness, we care for our staff. We invest the time to thoroughly train our employees and ensure our team is fully equipt to administer superb customer service to all of our clients. We provide opportunities for our staff to participate in educational conferences, seminars, and fun events.

We listen to our team members and value their perspectives and suggestions for new services to remain on-trend and current in the healthcare industry. If you join our team, we will commit to providing you with the resources needed to succeed in healthcare.

Open Positions

TK H2O has thrived over the years, and we continue to build our clientele and expand our business. We are always looking to hire new, devoted healthcare professionals who are eager to learn and provide excellent care for our customers.

  • Provide excellence service for all patients.
  • Prepare special IV infusions and medications per practitioners’ order. (RN/Paramedic)
  • Start intravenous peripheral lines. *Experience with IVs is a must.*
  • Take and record vitals for each patient.
  • Educate patients on IV drips and injections
  • Answer patient questions and inform patients on their treatment plans.
  • Coordinate with the practitioner via face to face, email, phone or voicemail.
  • Use computer applications for proper documentation on each patient and charting.
  • Coordinate with staff as required
  • Licensed personnel 
  • RN, LPN, Paramedic, Advanced EMT