TK H2O IV Hydration and Wellness

TK H2O is a mobile IV hydration business based in Henry County, Georgia serving clients throughout the Greater Atlanta Area. We provide services that focus on rejuvenation and hydration, such as vitamin drips and shot boosters. With the tremendous increase in IV hydration awareness, our clients have benefited from our unique and personalized drip formulations. 

We have administered services that assist with chronic illnesses such as sickle cell and fibromyalgia and surgical procedures such as bariatric surgery. We also offer holistic medicines to support your health journey further. Our integrative pharmacist is one of the most significant assets to our business.

TK H2O consists of a licensed, professional medical team trained to provide white-glove service while maintaining TK H2O’s safety standards and procedures. Kathy Walker, owner and registered nurse with over 21 years of experience, oversees the day-to-day operations and practice alongside our qualified staff to ensure TK H2O provides top-notch customer care and service. TK H2O’s goal is to elevate industry standards making every drip experience personalized to match the patient’s needs.

We are proudly serving patients located in northeast Atlanta, GA, including Decatur, Henry County, Clayton County, and Cabb County.


Service Disclaimer: Although we did not invent IV hydration, TK H2O’s customized drips and experienced staff makes IV hydration better!

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